Why Children?

No matter what our age, we all have a spine and a nervous system that controls and regulates every organ, tissue, and cell in our body. This is why we emphasize getting your children’s spine checked by an expert. 

The birthing process can be very stressful on an infant’s fragile body. This stress on an infant’s spine can result in misalignments and pinched nerves which is why it is important for new born children to get their spine examined.

Children take many falls early in life while learning to walk, playing, and during sporting events. These falls can force the spine to become misaligned and pinch nerves. The body is very good about correcting itself but sometimes when the misalignment is too severe it needs help.

At Adjust Chiropractic, Dr. Holman can quickly determine if your child has any trouble spots in their spine that could be pinching nerves. Children receiving chiropractic care have been documented in having a significant decrease in ear infections and stronger immune systems than the average child. This is due to an increased function of the child’s nervous system which allows their body to function at a much healthier level.

Childhood falls and the effect on our children’s health

Can you recall how many times your child has ‘fallen hard’, intentionally or unintentionally. Typically by age three many children have had at least three major falls and by the age of seven, a child is likely to have had hundreds of falls. Children’s resilience, however is amazing but this “bounce-back” resilience may hide subtle damage that leads to poor postural and neurological function across time.

The subtle signs and symptoms that can result from falls can go unnoticed by parents or be put down to other things, and if left unchecked, can lead to entrenched health problems. We need to keep in mind that each seemingly insignificant slip and fall our child has does add up, and that as the branch bends, so grows the tree…

Minor accidents can subluxate your child’s spine

The spine and skull generally take the brunt of knocks, bumps and falls in childhood. Researchers have found that birth to two years of age, is a critical period of brain development, and injuries can have long-lasting or even permanent effects on the structure and function of the brain.

As you know, the spine and skull protect our children’s precious brain and nervous system (or their “communication highway” for thinking, feeling, and behaving). When a child’s body is suddenly jarred in an accident, muscles surrounding the spine protectively contract, including muscles that directly attach to the delicate nerve coverings themselves. This causes the spine to tension and misalign (subluxate) and may negatively affect nervous system function. With a subluxated spine, our child’s communication highway is no longer working at 100%, potentially altering the way they are able to think, feel and behave.

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