I began coming to Adjust South Tulsa Chiropractic due to an ongoing chronic migraine problem. My migraines had gradually increased over time to 4-5 migraines a week but after having one that lasted 3 weeks straight I was feeling rather desperate so scheduled a consultation with Dr. Holman at Adjust. After my first visit, I finally had a break in the 3 week migraine and by the end of my first month of treatment, I saw a significant decrease in frequency and severity of headaches. I have had more than a 50% reduction in migraine occurrences and the ones I do get don’t always need medication. I have been able to cut back on use of Maxalt use by 75%.

-Julia Conley

My daughter has been having many health problems. Dehydration, fatigue, stomach and heartburn issues. She went into Adjust and has found relief from these problems. It is amazing what good chiropractic care can fix. The staff at Adjust are helpful and kind. I highly recommend their expertise.

-Kendra Schultz

Dr. Holman has been so wonderful with my 8 month old daughter. He has helped her with colic as a newborn and now with ear infections!

-Shawna Snyder

Great chiropractor!! I’ve always had pain in my neck and back.. Also suffer from headaches, but not as often! Not only did he adjust me but he took x rays and explained why this is happening!! AND adjusted my hips!! I am already feeling so much better!! Thank you!! 🙂

Emma Parris

I am 81 years old and have had health problems for about 60 years. Spinal problems (neck and low back surgeries) with some good results, however not lasting freedom from pain. Over the years it has been the excellent assistance of the skilled hands of chiropractors that have given consistent pain relief and more normal life. Moving to Bixby last year our son searched for one who was as great at chiropractic skills as the one I had in Amarillo for 30 years – his choice was just right!! Dr. Holman is excellent in his work. A fine gentleman and caring doctor.

-Anna Byford

I have been using Dr. Holman for over a year. Several times I have had back pain that I could not manage, but under his care I was able to heal much faster than I thought possible. My wife is a regular at his office as well. She has always used a chiropractor, but has often told me Dr. Holman has helped her more than any of her previous doctors. He always conveys a true sense of caring about us and our well being. Can’t recommend him enough!

-Bruce Larison

From the first time I met with Dr. Holman I knew he truly cared about his patients and that compassion has been evident ever since. He goes above and beyond in every was possible. Before coming to Adjust Chiropractic I was experiencing frequent headaches (3-4 days a week) and intermittent back pain. After the very first week of treatment my headaches were much less frequent, and my back didn’t ache any more.

After a few weeks of treatment, I casually made a comment to Dr. Holman regarding infertility that I had been dealing with for years. I had no clue that chiropractic would be the answer! In the past 4 years I have been through many different types of fertility treatments including IUI and IVF with no success. Dr. Holman was very compassionate and understanding. He went out of his way to recommend a nutritionist and continued adjusting me regularly not only to treat headaches and back pain, but to allow my body to function at its optimal potential. Less than a year after working with a nutritionist and being adjusted regularly by Dr. Holman I am pregnant without the aid of any fertility treatments!
I can’t imagine life now without chiropractic care, especially being pregnant. Every time Dr. Holman adjusts me I immediately feel better!
-Kelsey Bender